Learning to Dress Like a Grown Woman

March 2, 2015

One of my goals for 2015 is refreshing my wardrobe. I don't know how this happened but I still have pieces from high school, jeans that have shrunk like crazy in the wash (suuuure, Monica - they "shrunk"), and dresses that I will never touch again. I don't know why I keep these pieces other than the hopes that I will fit these clothes again or some of the styles from the 90's will make a comeback (but let's be honest - do we really want that to happen?).

I'm in my 30s, graduating with my doctorate in a few months, and will start a new career as a professional. Now would be a good time for a wardrobe refresher. Now would be a good time to start dressing like a grown woman. This is going to probably be a yearlong process and then some that will take time and money, unless Nordstrom magically decides to help a sista out.

Since I've been a forever student and the only professional clothes I ever had to worry about were scrubs, I will be seeking help from others. I've gathered inspiration via Pinterest and some wonderful advice from Putting Me Together. I'll also seek the advice of my sister (she just doesn't know it yet).

Side note: I just want to take a second to brag about my sister. She's served as a stylist for print ads and catalogs, her sets on Polyvore have gotten over 4 million views, she's been flown to NYC fashion week a few times, not to mention working with freaking Michael Kors in the flesh on a promotion video (say, what?!). Oh yeah, and there was the time her fashion likes were featured in Glamour magazine. And this was all just a side hobby FOR FUN in addition to her full time career of kicking butt and taking names. Brag complete.

The other day I told my husband that I needed new clothes and makeup now that I'm starting a new career. Then I laughed it off and told him I was joking. He knows I'm really not ;)

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