Identity Theft

April 29, 2014

In high school, my car was broken into and the radio stolen. Last year, my parents' house was broken into, trashed and most everything of value was taken. Of course material possessions are replaceable. However, the feeling that a stranger with malicious intentions was in your space - a place that at one time felt safe - is a most uncomfortable, scary, and gross feeling.

Now, someone taking my identity and pretending to be me? A stranger feeling still.

Late the other night I received a notification that I had some unusual charges to my credit card (HEARTBLEED'S REAL, YA'LL. just kidding). Apparently, I was in New York City, partying it up at the nicest hotels, reserving suites and spending thousands of my cash money in plastic form at the club. You know, because that's how much of a posh, party life I lead. Whoever this person is, they did not hold back. Although I won't be charged, when I heard what had happened I was a little upset. But, I couldn't stay mad for long. I thought of all the terrible and crummy things that may have happened in that person's life to get them to the point of being crapstastic. I quickly realized all the blessings I do have, said a prayer for Mr. or Mrs. Crime Spree and went back to bed.

*If you're ever a victim of identity theft, here's what you can do

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