Saturday Lunch Date

February 17, 2013

Being in Atlanta was easy when it came to finding a restaurant (choosing one was a completely different story - my family has restaurant-related indecision issues :p). A big city meant lots of variety and there were always new places opening. Now that we live in a smaller city, there really isn't much to choose from. However, this city is growing and I probably get more excited than I should when I hear that a new restaurant is opening (even places like Dunkin Donuts - which makes me a little bit giddy and makes Sherwin simultaneously shake he head and laugh at me).

Since we don't live too far from a big city, Sherwin took me out to El Paso for an adventurous lunch date at Crave. The food was interesting, except I spent the majority of the meal with watery eyes because I very wisely chose a dish that included wasabi and a side that was made with hot green chiles -_-.

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