Main St. Bistro | Las Cruces, NM

February 22, 2013

Speaking of new restaurants opening (yay!), I was recently asked to take photos of Main St. Bistro, an ale house located downtown. (I giggle when I say 'downtown' in this city because it's a cutesy and pleasant downtown, not a "omg-that-lady-just-shot-me-the-middle-finger-because-I-was-going-the-speed-limit*-and-everyone-looks-like-they-wanna-mug-me" downtown.) It's a nice place to meet up with a friend for lunch or after walking around the Las Cruces Farmers & Crafts market on a Saturday morning.

And the food. smelled. wonderful. I wanted to devour the bbq burger, but had to keep taking pictures. I mean...just look!

*True story.

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