Little Miss Four-Eyes

March 17, 2015

My 4th grade teacher wrote a letter home telling my parents that I was constantly squinting when trying to read the chalkboard. This led to my first pair of eyeglasses. I definitely needed them. I mean, my eyesight was really bad, like this bad:

Regardless, the idea of glasses made me cry. As a people pleaser who cared way too much what other people thought of me, I was a distraught little 9 year old. With the help of my loving parents, I managed to find a pair of glasses that were pink and purple, and I actually started feeling okay about everything.

Then came the teasing.

Children can be so cruel.

I remember having the honor of being hallway patrol, dressing in high-waisted shorts, frizzy hair, sneakers with socks extending up mid-calf, and adorned with my bright orange, seatbelt-like "official" sash - who wouldn't command respect looking like that?! I distinctly remember a boy making fun of me, calling me "four-eyes!!," other children laughing in response, and the sting in my eyes as tears started to form.

I partially blame my local Lenscrafters and the staff for whom, for lack of any reason whatsoever, did not decide to tell me that the frames I picked were TOO BIG FOR MY FACE. (Come on, even my grandma made fun of me -_-).

But throughout the years, I've grown in confidence and learned to accept all my physical flaws (I'm still looking at you, frizzy hair...).

Now I'm on the lookout for new glasses and I heard about Warby Parker's home try-on. No obligations to buy anything and 5 frames are yours to try out for a week - free! These glasses are so much cooler than what I had to choose from in elementary school. Now to decide which ones?

I also decided to test these glasses through "real world" situations. They seem to hold up pretty nicely :)

 Are there any fellow four-eyed friends out there who were teased?

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