A Weekend + Hiking in Phoenix

February 3, 2015

I left all the New Mexico snow and entered into 70 degrees and sunny skies. During my last trip to Phoenix for school, I was able to spend the weekend with my lovely friend Lynnly from college! We ate a ton of noodles, hiked forever, stayed up way late talking and laughing, and enjoyed desserts and sangria by the fireside.

On our "forever" hike - seriously, we kept walking under that hot Arizona sun and longed to see our car - we went to South Mountain since it was close to where we stayed. We wanted to head over to the popular Camelback Mountain, but it was the weekend of the Pro Bowl and if you don't get to the mountain early enough, it gets so crowded that they don't let anyone else in. Next time. South Mountain was still a good hike with a beautiful view of the city. However, as we lay exhausted on our beds in the hotel that evening, we decided that the next time we go on an adventure it should probably involve a spa :)

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