Lovely Letters in November

November 28, 2014

I remember having penpals in elementary school and how exciting it was to write and receive letters from someone I had never met before. Snail mail is always fun. Who says you can't have penpals when you're an adult?! :)

Esther, my friend from our undergraduate days at Georgia Tech, started the Lovely Letters project which is a monthly snail mail exchange pairing bloggers around the world. The purpose of this project is to promote "encouragement, collaboration, friendship, and growth as individuals and as a blogging community." Anyone can take part - all you need is a blog!

This was my first time taking part in the Lovely Letters project and I was paired with Emily who also writes a blog about lifestyle and photography. I loved getting to know her through email and her posts. She sent me a lovely package full of cozy goodies and great reminders to be filled with gratitude this month.

Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange

Click on the link above to find out more info about this project. 

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