The Importance of Reflection

October 27, 2014

We often talk about the importance of reflection in graduate school - learning from your experiences to improve your practice/yourself. This is especially important because I want to become a nurse practitioner that is super good at what she does and makes her patients feel cared for.

I've had a diary since I was about 12 years old. I loved writing in it and because it came with one of those really "sturdy" Sanrio locks, I knew that what I wrote in it would forever remain a secret. I wrote my deepest secrets like, "We had pizza - my favorite - for lunch today at school!" and "I'm so mad at Veronica because she took my pencil without asking me." You know, really juicy stuff.

As I grew older, the contents of my diary changed and became more of a prayer journal for me. I'm trying to be more disciplined these days when it comes to reflecting or keeping a journal, something I started doing since our mission trip to Monterrey, Mexico. I admit that it's difficult being consistent and things like "procrastinating from grad school work" and other important things get in the way. But, I know that maintaining a journal will help me grow because it makes me stop and reflect on life. Plus, sometimes it's fun to look back and think "who is this crazy lady?! oh wait, I wrote this..."

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