Oh, Those Teenage Years

February 13, 2014

When I was in high school, going out on a Friday night, my parents thought it was fun to find out what restaurant my friends and I were going to, and then they'd just "happen" to appear at the same restaurant - waving and saying "Hiiiii!" very loudly while grinning from ear to ear. Multiple. Times.*

As a teenager, going through my I'm-basically-an-adult-that-needs-extreme-independence phase (even though I was depending on my parents for shelter, food, clothing and then some), this drove me crazy. Crazy in the "Like, omg, I can't believe you guys are doing this to me!" way. My family loved to tease me because my sensitive, emotional teenage meltdowns were just too silly. Oh, there was the time they told me that packing peanuts were edible and I fell for it - but that's neither here nor there -_-

Even through those times I knew that I had wonderful and very loving parents. Family came first and everything they did was for us. They sacrificed and worked so hard to provide for both me and my sister even though they didn't have very good role models when they were growing up. My dad would turn down additional work so that he wouldn't miss a single one of our soccer or basketball games (I sure did keep that bball bench nice and toasty). Even amongst the adolescent screaming, yelling and crying (on my end - shudder), my parents loved me and showed their love to me still.

They are beautiful.
And wonderful.
They're also quite funny. 
I'm so blessed.
I love them so very much.

*Now as an adult, Sherwin and I think this is hilarious and we will one day do the same to our own kids.

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