12 Rolls of Film Project | Roll 1 in January

February 3, 2014

This is the first roll of film in my 12 Rolls of Film Project for 2014. Whenever I take photos, I tend to stay on a 50mm lens because I like the look and I'm a bit stubborn... (It's like my habit of going to a restaurant, finding a dish I like and forever ordering that same dish because no other dish could possibly be as good!!) I usually shy away from using wide angle lenses, so for my first roll of film I knew I had to go with what I wasn't comfortable with. After spending the month of January with this lens though, I have grown to love it and I will be using it a lot more in future shoots. This month's adventures included my first experience at a casino (second-hand smoking, anyone?!) and driving through NM-AZ for school, all with camera in hand. I'm also realizing more and more how beautiful it is out here in the Southwest and I want to try to explore more of New Mexico and Arizona with Sherwin in the coming year :)

(About the 12 Rolls of Film Project.)

 Nikon F100 | 20mm f/1.8 | Fuji Pro 400H

See, isn't New Mexico gorgeous?!
Places: Mescalero, NM; Papago Park in Phoenix, AZ; Old Town Scottsdale, AZ; Texas Canyon, AZ-NM.


  1. This is an awesome project, Monica! So cool to see all the different beautiful photos you took using a single lens and film type. I especially liked the top four, and the one of the palms behind the tall grass. I look forward to seeing more! Norissa