Girls Just Wanna Stay War-mmm! (I know - I'm sorry Cyndi Lauper.)

December 16, 2013

As I sit here bundled up in warm clothes because, somehow, since living in the Southwest, 45 degrees has become "quite chilly" to me, I'm remembering the warm + fun time I had with my wonderful friends in Arizona last month. Lots of delicious coffee, a spa day at a fancy pants place, good food galore. We've grown up quite a bit since our Georgia Tech days - no more late night dance parties in our living room while periodically hovering over a grease-soaked box of extra crispy, extra spicy hot wings. We're in our 30's, we have jobs with adult stuff like 'benefits,' and we eat at places that have fancy things like reusable napkins. I've missed them (the girls, not the reusable napkins -_-). Friendships are a blessing and I'm forever thankful for these beautiful ladies.

1. We're baaaack! 2. You know things are rough when you're lounging by the pool in November [sarcasm]. 3. I'm a sucker for pretty coffee drinks. 4. True. 5. Mindy was obviously having an awful time. 6. They can't take me anywhere fancy because I do things like knock over glasses of local red wine with one swoop of my graceful arms. 7. Palm trees and saguaro cactus/cacti? = good ole Scottsdale. 8. Cute sandals are a must when deciding to embark on an impromptu hike in the desert. 9. Nothing beats the colors of a desert sunset.

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