Allie & Cristalle | Las Cruces, NM

October 28, 2013

These two are too cute. I love this mother-daughter duo and you can tell that they have such a close and special relationship. We had a lot of fun celebrating Allie's birthday with a photo shoot and I'm a bit jealous that she had a slumber party with pizza and cake. I still get excited about pizza to this day - ask my husband as he replies with this face -_- which really means he is just as excited as I am. Slumber parties were 'da bomb' when we were little (I'm sure the younger generation doesn't say stuff like that anymore so I'm offically uncool now.) Cristalle, you are an amazing nurse and wonderful mother. I know that Allie is going to grow to be an amazing woman because she has you in her life. Thank you for letting me be a part of you and Allie's special day together!

Digital + Kodak Portra 400

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