Adventures in San Francisco

August 8, 2013

We had the chance to travel to San Francisco to film a wedding for a good friend of Sherwin's from college. We took a flight out from Phoenix and let me tell you, it felt sooo good to walk into 65 degree weather straight out of 117 degree weather. While waiting for the car rental shuttle to pick us up, Sherwin asked if I was cold and I was all like "Heck no, it feels good!" as I flexed in my short-sleeve shirt. By the time Sherwin found his sweatshirt and put it on, my hardcore self was shivering (yeah, it got chilly pretty quickly...).

Cold aside, the city had lots to see + do and there was so much good food. We spent a lot of time with Sherwin's friends, met up with some extended family and took in as much of the sights and sounds as we could before the wedding.

Nikon F100 | Fuji Pro 400H


  1. fun! pretty photos. makes me wanna visit SF again.

    1. Thanks! I love the food there - I think we ate every 2-3 hours.