June 14, 2013

I recently sent in 2 rolls of film to have developed and it feels like foreverrrr waiting to have them returned. I don't quite remember what all is contained on those 2 rolls which makes it even more exciting to see the results. In a time when everything is about immediate gratification and 'the faster, the better,' I should take more time to just. slow. down. As a nurse working in a hospital, very sick people depend on me to act quickly and speed things up (for good reason). Stopping to rest isn't really an option. However, when I'm outside of that environment I could use a lot more patience in my life. Patience with strangers, uncertain circumstances, answers to prayer and even loved ones. I guess that's another good thing about film - it can teach you patience - that there's unknown beauty in the waiting. (But seriously, could we please speed up the finish grad school part?!)

Canon 5D mark ii | 50mm f/2.8

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