Good Eats | Phoenix, AZ

March 7, 2013

Phoenix has so much to offer when it comes to restaurants. Any cuisine you can think of is there and yes, I'm one of those people who quite often takes photos of their food (we're regular faux pas photography offenders because we do jumping photos too - can't stop, won't stop!). Whenever I'm in Phoenix I always stop by China Magic Noodle House where they make handmade noodles - yum! And if you go at just the right time you can watch them actually make the noodles.

Before our drive out to Sedona we stopped by Over Easy for some breakfast. This was a popular spot and we had to wait to get in - definitely worth it! The waffle dogs and the caramelized banana and pecan brioche french toast were our favorites. (Apparently Guy Fieri likes them waffle dogs too!) Our waiter was awesome - he tried to photo bomb one of our pictures, but was half a second too late.

And my favorite hole-in-the-wall is Phoenix Blue Fin. The staff is very friendly and the little, older Japanese ladies who run the place have these huge smiles across their faces as they very slowly and patiently punch in your order into their old-school cash register despite the fact that there is a huge line out the door (and nobody seems to mind!). A great place for fast Japanese.

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